Rapid Response Program Now Includes Servo Insert Couplings

Dec 04, 2015

The Ringfeder Rapid Response Program has been up and running for the past several months. Customers have taken full advantage of this program, which makes our most popular metal bellows couplings and shrink disc locking devices available overnight.

Originally, Rapid Response covered our Ringfeder Shrink Disc™ and GERWAH® Metal Bellows Couplings. Now, because of the program’s positive feedback, we’ve expanded to include couplings for servo systems.


Our GWE backlash-free servo insert couplings provide vibration damping capabilities and misalignment compensation to keep your servo-driven systems running smoothly. Available torques cover a range from 0.5 to 1,920 Nm, depending on the model. Models from the GWE 5102, 5103, 5104 and 5112 series all qualify for overnight shipping.


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Written by Ringfeder News

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