8 Healthy Day-to-Day Work Tips for Engineers

Jan 10, 2018

New year – new luck! This also means: a new attempt at keeping the good resolutions we keep on setting for ourselves at the beginning of a new year. We admit: we usually revert quickly to old habits. But, aren’t we annoyed with ourselves? So, why don’t you put into action one very important resolution commonly with us? We’ll show you how you can make your workday healthier with only a few tricks – this will not only help you work more effective and motivated, but in the long run, your health will also benefit from this.

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Everything starts here – a healthy workplace

Back problems, headaches, tension – there are many afflictions which can be caused by a badly furnished work environment. Engineers spend a lot of their working time in a sitting position. Therefore, it is especially important to adjust the workplace to one’s personal needs:

It’s all in the height

Adjust your office chair and desk to your body height. It’s important that your thighs and shanks are at an angle of at least 90 degrees while you are sitting. Hence, your seat should be at the height of your knees. Also make sure that your back touches the backrest. If the height of your desk is adjustable, there are many health benefits if you change it to a standing desk from time to time. To avoid neck problems, place your monitor at eye level. It is also essential to adjust the monitor in such a manner that no reflections occur on the screen.

Fresh air for fresh thoughts

Heating at full power, too little oxygen – bad air in the office is a common occurrence and can cause headaches and exhaustion. Therefore, regularly air out the office; it is best to air the room by fully opening the windows for about 10 minutes.

When blossoms bloom…

Place a few plants in your office. They clean the air by removing harmful pollutants and provide a friendly and restorative effect on the office atmosphere.  


It’s your turn now – This is how you keep fit and motivated

Rich and fatty food, soft drinks with a high sugar content, insufficient physical activities – when we don’t get out of the mid-afternoon slump and come home from the office, tired and weary, we often have to put the blame on ourselves. Try out the following suggestions and you will surely feel a difference:

Avoid “binge eating”

Thinking consumes energy. Feed your body with the correct energy suppliers to replenish the reserve. Refrain from rich and fatty meals for lunch, because they will make you tired and lazy and consume even more energy from your body for digestion. Choose meals rich in vegetables, lean meat or fish.

It won’t work without a break

In a slump? Have a break! A sufficient number of pauses are essential to perform consistently and to lower stress levels. Take breaks of five to ten minutes several times a day to recover. Drink a cup of your favorite tea and treat yourself with a snack. Berries or nuts are perfect for this because they supply fast and long-lasting energy to your brain.

Water is ideal for a better concentration

If you want to avoid fatigue, headaches and poor concentration at work, it is important to drink plenty of fluids – at least 1.5 liters a day. It also depends on what you drink. Avoid beverages rich in sugar and choose water or unsweetened tea. 

Climb the stairs to increase creativity

Practice physical activity! More than one in every third German only moves 30 minutes a day – this is not nearly enough. Too much sitting not only leads to back problems, but also causes cardiovascular diseases, metabolic disorders and diabetes. Go for a walk in the fresh air during your lunch break and climb the stairs instead of using an elevator. Because: walking makes you creative! Resolve to stand up at least once per hour. Instead of using your phone, you could pay a short visit to your colleague.

Take some time off from your job

And last but not least: A good work-life balance is the be all and end all in being healthy. Always make a point of not neglecting your private life, most importantly during times of very high stress. As is done at work, set fixed dates. For instance, play sports at a fixed time and fixed day, once or twice a week; and arrange to meet your friend next week instead of hoping that there will be some “room” some day.


All you have to do now is: Turn it into reality! If you put these things into action, you will notice that your power increases, and that you feel much better after a workday. Maybe one or two of your colleagues will join you so that you can motivate each other and pay heed to a healthier everyday work life. You will find more interesting tips here

Good luck and stay healthy!


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Written by Hannah Döttling

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