Get Your Shrink Discs and Metal Bellows Couplings in one Day

Oct 12, 2015

Our new Rapid Response Program gives new meaning to the term quick coupling.

If you build or maintain shaft-driven equipment, you may not have the luxury of waiting weeks for your couplings to arrive. Now you don’t have to wait.

The Ringfeder Rapid Response Program makes our most popular metal bellows couplings and shrink disc locking devices available overnight. Simply place an order by 12 p.m. Eastern Time and let us know that you'd like to take advantage of the Rapid Response Program. Your order will then ship by the next business day.

The Rapid Response Program currently covers the most popular sizes from two of our product lines.

Ringfeder Shrink Disk™ locking devices use a system of tapered thrust rings, an inner pressure ring and a set of locking screws to couple a hub and shaft. When you tighten the locking screws around the circumference of the disc, the outer thrust rings are drawn together, compressing the inner rings against the hub and the hub against the shaft. The resulting shrink fit can handle extremely high forces. The Rapid Response Program covers full, half and split Shrink Discs suitable for shaft diameters up to 200 mm. Maximum order for next day shipping is 10 units. stainless shrinkdisk
GERWAH® Metal Bellows Couplings offer backlash-free shaft connections within tight spaces. Made from stainless steel, they provide high torsional stiffness and excel at compensating for angular, axial and radial misalignment. The Rapid Response Program applies to our most commonly used metal bellows couplings—the AKD, AKN, DKN and EKN series.


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